Teatro and Its Shows

Teatro as in Broadway shows, lives on in Quito Colonial. Usual features include concerts and performances and ooodles of tango.

Performers from all over the globe come to strut their stuff here. Banners announce the latest goings on in the teatro.


This grand stage boasts the second largest in South America, with construction beginning in 1930 and completed in 1933. Built in luxury to distract the people from the wars going on at the time, it reeks of history.

A fire, starting in the adjacent Pizza Hut, damaged it extensively in 1999. The lo-o-ong process of being remodeled may never be complete. A conflict between the owners and those in charge of allotting money for this purpose prevents progress.

The museum, always available for tours, charges a small fee.

Among other things, the display includes the first owner's mode of tranportation in horse and buggy - the buggy, not the horse, of course.

SUCRE Theater

This government-owned baby even owns the plaza in front of it.

Live performances on special holidays or any special occasion create a treat. The trolley serves it on Guayaquil y Manabi.

Banners on the building advertise coming attractions.

The whole area lays out before you as you sip a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or whatever beverage you desire at the little restaurant across from it, Cafe del Teatro, if it's still operating. Its flexible hours used to swing to the times of the teatro shows, but remained open day and evening. They knew the schedule of events.

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