Restaurant Dining With a                  Panoramic View

Vista Hermosa - Beautiful View

Vista Hermosa Restaurant with a view spectacular in the center of Quito Colonial, almost taps you on the shoulder on Mejia downhill off Garcia Moreno. Don't leave Quito without eating here.

I stumbled on this jewel one night with my local friend, Melva. Blending in with its surroundings, it hides well.

When we ascended in the antique elevator, complete with a folding wrought iron gate, the rain would not allow us access to the roof diner. Because of the puddles and falling rain, we settled for the floor next to the roof. Even there, the view didn't lack for splendor.

Unique in its antique decor from another era, its appeal reflects impeccable taste, from the swords on the wall to the old piano in the corner with its swivel stool.

I wasn't hungry, so I ordered a small portion of vegetarian pizza. It came, oh so good, but I don't think they understood the term "small portion." I couldn't finish it, but I wouldn't have eaten anywhere else that night.

--Although the prices have inflated, they remain affordable.--

Our curiosity wouldn't let us leave until we climbed the soppy steps to the top of the roof under our umbrellas to peek at the view of the glittering city lights from on high. Rain and all, we loved it.

Eating at Pim's on El Panecillo

The panoramic view as you're dining at Pim's Restaurant on the Panecillo mesmerizes even the soup. Located so close to the grand statue of Our Lady of Quito, you can almost sense her smiling on you as you're eating.

The prices here don't reach as high as the hill, nor as low as the valley, and I've tasted better, but who's paying attention when you're surrounded by far away volcanoes at eye level. I savored the vegetable soup anyway.

Groups always need reservations, and it opens the same hours as Pim's on Itchimbia, but El Panecillo never closes.

The taxi ride from Carmen Alto gets you there in a jif. The waiter will call you a taxi to return - or - you can stand by the guard booth and flag one down.  Be sure to ask the driver the fare before you board the taxi.

Pim's on Itchimbia

Pim's Restaurant at Itchimbia Park and Cultural Center, 134 E8 Jose Maria Aguirre Street, projects another extraordinary vista. On a typical Ecuadorian spring day, eating your meal outdoors truly refreshes your spirit. Of course, nothing prevents you from dining under the stars at night except for the clouds. The city lights add the finishing touch.

They open from 12 noon to 12 midnight Monday through Saturday, and 12 noon to 6:00 PM Sundays. After the park closes daily at 6:00 PM, the side entrance opens. Just ask the guard to direct you.

The small soup I ate tasted good. Prices didn't scare me either. Groups need a reservation.

Cielo Quiteno Restaurant

This elegant jewel opens its doors from 4:30 PM until 11:00 PM Monday through Saturday - only a few steps away from the entrance to Itchimbia Park...overlooking all of Colonial Quito.

The inexpensive and varied menu presents you with some excellent choices. You might even chuckle at the price. I devoured their scrumptious grilled salmon on caesar salad.

You only need a reservation for a large group, and they serve those often.

The extraordinary sunset can turn on the romance - when the clouds don't hide it, of course. Even when the clouds are laying lazily above the valley and the sun goes out to lunch, the sensation of being suspended from on high can be exhilirating.

A telescope waits for a clear night for a view of the stars.

El Crater Restaurant

On the rim of Pululahua Volcano, El Crater Restaurant reigns supreme.Upon entering, a host escorts you to a table by a window overlooking the whole volcano.

Open 12:00 noon to 4:30 PM, you can perch yourself for lunch here.

Should you decide this is the place to stay in a room with a fascinating view, make a reservation for dining here evenings to make sure you don't get left out.

Hopefully, the main course stays under $15.00.

A thirty minute drive from Quito, and you arrive at this mystic place. Be ready for a retreat treat.

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