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        VBL (12224-06-5)

        Fluorescent whitening agent VBL
        CAS NO.:12224-06-5
        Structural Formula:

        Molecular Formula:C36H34N12O8S2Na2
        Molecular Weight:872.84
        Max ultraviolet rays absorption wavelength:348nm
        Executive Standard:GB/T10661-2004
        Quality Index:




        White or light yellow powder

        2.Coloured light


        3.Fluorescence intensity




        5.Water insolubles


        Function and characteristic:
        VBL is the representative product of cc/DSD fluorescent whitening agent, can be soluble in 80 times soft water, has the anion characteristic, acid-alkaline resistant is PH from 6 to 11, PH for dye bath is suitable between 8 and 9. In acidity liquid, appears to be yellow because strengthen acidity makes fluorescence fade. Can endure the hard water by 300ppm, endure free chlorine by 0.25%, not sensitive to metal ion such as copper and iron ion, keep steady to sodium hydrosulfite, but can endure high temperature bakery. It can bath and use together with anion surfactant or paint, nonionic surfactant and aquae hydrogenii dioxid. Fluorescence colored light is blue purple. It can not bath and use together with cationic dyes and surfactant, synthetic resin first minification and so on.
        Scope of application:

        1. Used in the whitening of cotton and viscose rayon, brightening of light color or printing products. Normal light fastness, good affinity to cellulose fiber, normal levelling property, can be used in printing and dyeing, pad dyeing and printing paste.   
        2. Used in the whitening of vinylon and chinlon products.
        3. Used in the whitening of papermaking industry, paper pulp and paint.

        Use method:
        1.In papermaking industry, dissolve with water then join with paper pulp or paint or surface sizing agent.

        2.In painting and dyeing industry, put directly into dye vat and use after dissolving with water.

        Package and storage:25Kg fiber barrel or iron barrel lined with black plastic bag. Seal up and protect from light, keep in storage in shady and cool and dry warehouse, storage period is six months.


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