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        BBU (16470-24-9)

        Fluorescent whitening agent BBU
        CAS NO.:16470-24-9
        Structural Formula:

        Molecular Formula:C40H40N12O16S4Na4
        Molecular Weight:1165.04
        Max ultraviolet rays absorption wavelength:35nm
        Quality Index:




        Light yellow powder

        2.Coloured light

        Blue light

        3.Fluorescence intensity




        5.Water insolubles




        Function and characteristic:

        1. Good water-solubility,can mix with water by ratio 1:3, can keep steady in aqueous solution and do not need any assistant.
        2. Belong to anionic characteristic,can bath with anion or nonionic surfactant.
        3. Not sensitive to calcium ion and magnesian ion, but be sensitive to metal ion such as copper ion and iron ion etc.
        4. Normal acid resistance,good whitening condition if PH is above 7.
        5. Resist to peroxide bleaching agent, can keep steady facing to sodium hydrosulfite.

        Scope of application:

        1. In papermaking industry, used for whitening of paper pulps, coatings and surface sizing agent。
        2. In painting and dyeing industry, used for whitening of cotton fiber and viscose fiber.

        Use method:

        1. In papermaking industry, dissolve with water then put it into paper pulp or paint.
        2. In painting and dyeing industry, put directly into dye vat and use after dissolving with water.

        Package and storage:
        25KG fiber barrel or paper plastic compound bag,storage in shady and cool and dry place, protect from light, 2 years storage period.


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