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        DSD Acid (81-11-8)

        Chemical name:4,4’-Diaminostilbene-2,2’-disulfonic acid
        Structural formula:
        Chemical formula: C14H14N2O6S    
        Molecular weight: 370.4
        CAS NO.:81-11-8
        1)Light yellow cream or powder, soluble in ethanol and ether; insoluble in water, easily soluble in alkaline solution.
        2)Can be easily oxidized into red; has the property of aromatic acid or aromatic amine
        Quality index:



        (1)Appearance dry/wet

        light yellow powder/light yellow cream

        (2)Dry product total amino value(gross dry sample)%  


        (3)Degree of pigmentation(EOD)            


        (4)Content of alkali insolubles (gross cream )%   


        (5)Benzyl compound(gross sample)%       

        ≤ 0.25

        (6)Ash content%                


        Main use:In the manufacture of fluorescent brighteming agent、Chrysophenine G and Direct Yellow R, also as pesticides

        Packing: dry product: in 25kg woven bags or upon clients' request; wet product: in 40kg woven bag or upon clients' request.


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