La Mariscal, Quito Tourist Mecca

Popular with Quito tourists - La Mariscal with plenty to eat around El Quinde Plaza - offers whatever one could want or so they claim. I find it suits the younger set better than seniors.

Although, the Lion's Club offers a vision clinic that will test your vision from $8 or a little more. If you want a glaucoma check and don't mind waiting for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours, it can happen for $8. And it's on Wilson and Las Amazonas.

Beginning across Ejido Park between Colon y Patria Avenues, this gringolandia, as the locals know it, extends to Foch Avenue.

La Mariscal Shopping and Eating

El Espiral Shopping Center in its pink and green circular exterior offers the 24/7 Coffee Tree and on to shopping, but I find the shopping better at the mercados. And the Coffee Tree food left me saying, "Never Again." For those who just want great bar service, it probably works.

My favorite hangout emerges a few feet away as Mercado Artesenal Mariscal Sucre where I shop every chance I get through its rows and rows of very useful crafts, jewelry and loads of clothes and accessories among many other things.

Trekking several blocks down Reina Victoria to El Quinde Plaza, Mama Clorinda's Restaurant awaits, serving Ecuadorian food that delights both the appetite and the pocket book. Now THIS place gets a 5 star from me!

Last time I was there I even picked up a booklet with a list of restaurants that deliver! What an ideal bonus.

Places You Can Stay

Hostal El Vagabundo on Wilson for $10 a night comes recommended to me by a young girl sitting next to me on the plane.

For accommodations, La Mariscal also offers Quito tourists Hotel Colon Hilton and El Mercure as excellent choices.

Night Life

Those looking for the night life bump into it here along with more patrols, especially where the crowds gather - Thursdays through Saturdays for sure.

Warnings abound about danger late at night... sometimes even in the day. Always, always be aware of your surroundings. And don't set any of your things behind you when you sit to sip anything.

Santa Teresita Church

The wannabe colonial church, Santa Teresita stretches skyward with its architecture resembling old barroque. Its steeples peer at you from different directions as it beckons church lovers to come take a good look.

St. Therese's relics parked at this church overnight in her grand tour through Ecuador in 2008 before heading to the basilica and on to Carmen Alto.

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