VIP Hotel Plaza Grande

The recently remodeled Hotel Plaza Grande on Garcia Moreno, next to the square with the same name, could spill a star or a foreign president out of one of its luxurious rooms. For the starting rate of $500.00 a night, VIP suites attract only those with full pockets.

Pick this grand hotel on the corner of the plaza from the list and you'll get what symbolizes the cream of Quito offering three restaurants. The top one holds the hot shots.

If you itch for luxury with all its amenities, or if you're visiting the president, the buck stops here, literally. It might also enrich a honeymoon, special anniversary or any important celebration.

Smack in the middle of all the action, you pay for the choice of one upstairs restaurant, one basement restaurant, and the cafe by the lobby.

Plaza Grande Cafe

Eating in the cafe next to the lobby, you'll get excellent food, and the cafe welcomes everyone and anyone off the street, as long as they can pay.

You may even be serenaded. I enjoyed live music when I ate here at noon. Barely finding an empty table, I sat down and relaxed.

Would I eat here again? Except for breakfast, you bet... especially their sea bass, or in Spanish, corvino, served with steamed potatoes, rice salad with carrot curls and mora juice to drink for a total of $17.00. You can't complain about not getting your money's worth with their ample servings. They're open late, too.

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