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Colonial tours begin with Quito turismo and cry out for a licensed culture expert.  Sorry, but I only recommend the best:  Angel Rea of...

...Quinde Adventure del Ecuador, CIA LTDA. to get to know all about Quito Ecuador in a true adventure style.  The van pictured represents just one of six of the tour fleet with Cotopaxi Volcano in the background.

How can I claim him as the best among so many? Because this little giant claims you as his guest - not client. His honesty excels as does his attention to every detail in making you one happy camper, his knowledge and expertise astound me, and if something doesn't seem right, he'll make it right.  Even TripAdvisor has picked up on how great he is from the many raving reviews. AND, he can speak English!

His expertise only begins in the city center with its rich, rich history which includes so very much... explaining its arquitectura - architecture - and La Ronda and the list doesn't end.

In very busy times, the whole family gets involved with Angel Rea of Quinde Adventure joining in Quito turismo with its colonial tours to bring you the best possible experience. I know it sounds like a commercial, but I don't know how else to express his outstanding service.

Plus, his expertise begins, but doesn't end in the capitol city, and includes all of Ecuador. He, himself, comes to us from Guaranda, not too far from Banos, which he especially knows extensively.

But... if he seems a bit pricey (he really isn't), the Quito Tour Bus the city offers gives you a day-long tour for a very affordable price if you join the crowd. You can join and unjoin the tour for the same price all day no matter what stop excites you.

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