El Tejar Colonial Church - Another Franciscan Recoleta

El Tejar Colonial Church and convent - another Franciscan recoleta for those secular or religious seeking a deeper more recollected life with God - lies hidden in the "red zone."

Find it all the way up Mejia, straight ahead (recto) on El Tejar Street where danger lurks for lone tourists, right past the wide intersection.

A tour guide definitely makes sense here. But then again, if you're not carrying anything visibly valuable, such as a camera or cellular (hide them), you can, I think, maybe risk it.

History of El Tejar

In 1650, a religious named Francisco de Jesus Bolanos solicited and obtained authorization from the king of Spain to found this hidden jewel to the west of Quito.

Built in the 18th century and rebuilt in 1832, the first flag of Quito in profound joyous accompaniment debuted freedom from here on May 24, 1822.

More Gold

Gold leaf radiates over the main altar and throughout this recoleta in awesome reverence to the Creator.

At the side of the main altar lies the statue of what they would call in Israel, Our Lady of Dormition, reflecting Mary's falling into deep sleep just before the angels gathered together to deliver her into heaven body and soul.

Eugenio Espejo

In the building to the left rest the remains of Eugenio Espejo, whom the street by Plaza Grande is named after.

Born an indigenous, he had to change his last name of Chushiz to be admitted to become educated during the colonial era.

Eugenio Espejo was one of those who initiated the first newspaper of Ecuador, named Primisias de la Cultura de Quito. He published all of the evils going on in Quito at that time, and so, this made him many enemies who would go to any lenghths to stop him.

Undaunted, Espejo became one of the first medical indigenous who discovered the cure for small pox, intervening to stop its ravaging of the nation.

No reason exists to refrain from touring and reflecting on the colonial church of El Tejar with a tour guide.


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