Catedral Primaria - Primary  Cathedral and its Colonial Art

The Catedral Primaria (Primary Cathedral) stands out in its impressive colonial ancient art. These murals among many in Quito challenge those of Rome.

The exterior of the building blends with the surroundings of the Plaza Grande square facing the presidential palace. Would it not be for the street, the temple could connect to the palace. I'm surprised they didn't add an overpass!

How's that for harmony between church and state? I guess that's what made it easy for President Gabriel Garcia Moreno to become a martyr. He loved his church, and his enemies knew exactly where to find him.

A night tour to the cupola top adds intrigue to your itinerary and delivers you to the church's highest dome. Here, the unforgettable mystery of the Gallo (Rooster) de la Catedral unfolds.  And the art on your way up leaves a reflection you won't soon forget. 

Quito over-delivers in just about everything it offers as does all of Ecuador.  That's what makes it so delightful to tour.

Gold-Lined Altar

A very pleasing turquoise color enhances the gold lining on this altar and its colonial ancient art. This cathedral - catedral - of all these churches - lends the most signicant documented presidential history to Quito.

Many dignitaries, which include President Gabriel Garcia Moreno, other presidents, bishops and priests lie buried here. I'm sure many aristocrats said their "I do's" here also.

The primitive adobe church provided the first open much for that after the 1660 earthquake. Rebuilding materialized between 1674 and 1678... and they built it to last.  No future earthquakes brought it down.

Collective Faith

The much misunderstood and maligned faith of the people of the day propelled them to always build cities around the temples which then became the focal point of their lives. Some individuals in power, whose faith definitely portrayed weakness in certain instances, (as still happens today, only now it's widespread) did considerable damage, but the collective faith of the people prevailed... collective faith that has since eroded throughout the world.

On Holy Thursday, the Misa Crismal brings all the clergy of the diocese together to honor the installation of the priesthood by Christ Himself at the Last Supper...very impressive.

The procession on the feast of Christ the King that now occurs the last Sunday of October starts here and ends at Iglesia de San Francisco.

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