My Favorite Bed and Breakfast, Villa Nancy

--Angel has advised me that VILLA NANCY now has new owners.--

I discovered VILLA NANCY, my favorite bed and breakfast, at Muros 146 y Gonzalez Suarez, while I madly searched the web from home for a room to roost in a country I knew nothing about...well - almost nothing.

I knew nothing about where I could stop my hunger pangs in a small dining room - almost like a kitchen back home - after sleeping like a baby.

Plus, I required a squeaky clean place with homey decor where I could feel snug and secure. A few nice people to talk to would be nice, too.

Luxury would not have impressed me more. I wanted Cozy, yes, with a capital C, and I got it.

This hostel perfectly fit in with my budget. When I first arrived in the middle of the night, a clearly marked van picked me up at the ultra modern airport.

Someone at the check-in window in the lobby took care of me quickly. The van driver lugged my luggage up to my second floor room that evoked something out of my grandmother's era with, of course, no elevators.

In the morning, a small buffet spread across a wall table for desayuno, and if we chose, we could order eggs and bacon freshly fried for us. I enjoyed my usual cold cereal with toast and jelly.

I claimed a 4-chair table with a homestyle tablecloth where I could chat with other guests right across from me.

The $30.00 a night charge included everything...even the chatting!

After I filled up, I stepped outside to the internet cafe next door to email my daughter back home.

I didn't know at the time, but Hotel Quito - the best hotel in Quito for the price - stood a block up the hill. It turned out to be vital information to know when a new taxi driver couldn't find this gem. Even with the address, he kept asking up and down the neighborhood until he found it - at no extra charge.

The taxi to the historic center cost me all of $2.00 on a Sunday, and I could visit the churches and spend the day meandering. That's how I fell in love with Quito Colonial.

The gate remained locked with a doorbell to ring when we opted to return.

Bed and Breakfast, Villa Nancy reigns supreme with me from my short list, but I'll add more later. When you find the best, there's no hurry.

If I didn't own an apartment, I would most likely return. Hey, I think you can tell I liked it!