Air Travel Into Quito Airport

Air travel into QUIPORT debuted February 20, 2013, and airport Mariscal Sucre in the city exists no more. During the day, flying into Quito without a fog, spectacular scenery welcomes you. By evening, when your flight gears into sunset time, the panorama of colors displays a picture postcard bonanza.

Quito travel competes for its airport from all over the world. From the U.S., major airlines come in from hubs, such as United from Denver, Delta from Atlanta, or American from Dallas or Miami. Just check the hubs from your country.

A tip of at least $2.00 per bag buys all the help you need with luggage which you can tote in a rolling basket rented for $2.00.

A loss-of-luggage counter to immediately report losses awaits in the baggage area. I missed my luggage once because of a missed connection, and the crew offered the best help I've ever seen. My bags didn't take long to locate and come trailing after me.

Travel from the Airport

Outside the door, great travel into Quito awaits among the not so great. Check for the words "radio taxi" on the side of the cab or for orange plates, meter, etc.

Car rentals, such as Avis, Budget and Hertz wait for you as you exit the airport for your ground travel. Just be sure they're open for pickup at the time of your arrival.

Airport Nuggets and Ride Into Quito

The new airport made its debut on the Tababela Plateau none too soon. The runway extends to 10 times the last one and became the largest in Latin America... 13.5 kilometers.

Private investment by Quiport SA formed by three countries tell us over $6,000,000 covered it completely earthquake proof. Performance during the recent earthquake didn't disappoint.

Time to and from Quito decreased by at least half an hour since the completion of the special highway that streamlines the trip exponentially.  Snags occur inside Quito and Tumbaco during rush hour.

Hotels by the airport can accommodate you if your flight delivers you very late at night.  Then you can leisurely drive or ride into the city of Quito the following day and pleasantly enjoy the view.

For $3 the last time I checked, the bus can transport you to Quito to drastically cut your cab fare, but luggage accommodations leave much to be desired.  However, if you're traveling light, it works.

Prepare to pay at least $25 for the taxi ride into Quito in the daytime. Be sure to settle the price with the driver before boarding the cab.  Angel charges $40 for a guaranteed trip with the necessary reservation.


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