Ecuador Adventure Tour
By a Licensed Angel Guide

Angel Rea, Ecuador Tour Guide of QUINDE ADVENTURES, lives driven by a passion: Nuca Llacta - Mi Pais - My Country... three language one love... not a transplant.

For Quito city tours and exciting vacation travel throughout Ecuador - to soak the waterfalls - to canoe in the rapids - to plunge through the jungle - no one knows his country better than Angel Rea.

While Quito Colonial delivers the history, you can take an exciting break... you can bungee jump, zip line, paraglide or even jungle it!

Angel thrills in immersing you in his culture dating back to the aborigines. He offers adventure in Quito and throughout Ecuador as diverse as:

  • The Cascadas (Waterfalls)
  • Mindo/The Rainforest
  • The Amazon
  • The Teleferiqo (Cable Car)
  • Mitad del Mundo and the equator
  • The Volcanoes
  • The Mercados
  • The Galapagos
  • La Costa (the coast)
  • Shopping in Otavalo
  • Papallacta
  • You name it...if you can still catch him!

Transported through these expeditions, fascination glides along with you. Any of these can be as simple as:

  • Colonial Quito,
  • Museums,
  • Art Galleries,
  • Andean Music,
  • etc.

With Angel Rea it's easy to surface absorbed by an unforgettable journey. Did I mention he's licensed to teach you his culture?

Designer Wife

As an etc., Angel escorted me to his wife's home shop where she designs and creates uniforms for local schools. Travel agencies seek her out for specialized T-shirts, backpacks and anything they need to keep their clients well supplied. Government offices have discovered her as well. Her "factory" continues to grow.

Examine for yourself, and ask him to include her humble shop in your itinerary. Except that now her humble shop has grown exponentially in his new home built with his beloved wife's specialty in mind. 

If you're an export/import client or would like to be, you can find buried treasure in selling to clients of your own... something she can personally design just for you.

Back to the Tours

I am constantly amazed at this angel who always comes through at the other end of the phone...that's reliability!

He can whip up custom travel packages of Ecuador - including the Galapagos - made to your specs. I don't know if you can find any place else on earth with so many things to do as in this country

How to Book 

Fill out the form below, and you will hear from him promptly.

Ask all the questions you want, and he'll answer them. To get to know him, have him or one of his family pick you up at the airport. He'll personally pick you up in between gigs.

How else can you discover the true wealth of Ecuador and meet a true and honest descendant of the aborigines?


Misinformation abounds as you may have noticed. Not so with Quinde Adventures - previously Huayras Expeditions - that explains the steady growth of his company.  

It's grown into a tourist transport enterprise, Quinde Adventure del Ecuador, CIA LTDA... composed of two native owners... Angel and his own partner angel and buddy, Guillermo.  A fleet of six vans and several drivers awaits your command!  

AND, raves from clients have earned the company 5-star status on TripAdvisor.

He's no more expensive than the next guy, and probably less... so what are you waiting for? Your immersion in Quito and beyond awaits.

Wouldn't you want to be guided by an Angel on your very own vacation tour through Ecuador?

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Quito City Tour Buses

-- Update -- the city of Quito launched Quito Tours buses in December of 2011. You get 3-hours for $12 per adult, $6 per child. The $12 gets you a day pass just in case you desire to get off at any one of the stops and board the next one, since there are three buses total. Passes can be purchased on the bus and a few other places.

Popular place to board - the horse and buggy stop right by Plaza Grande. Open 7 days a week - 9:00AM to 7:00PM. (Each bus seats 80 people.)

If all you want is a three-hour stint of Quito with a crowd, go for it, but Angel will not bore you with just a city round - his excursions are personally for you, and he'll go the utmost for his guests.   And, as I mentioned before, he speaks three languages - English, Spanish and Quichua!

Also, the new airport is now outside the city. If you want Angel to pick you up, be prepared to pay $40 per trip. You can take a taxi for $25, but be sure it bears an orange license plate because the white-plated ones are not registered and can be risky.