Santa Barbara Church - One of   the Original Siete Cruces

Calle de Las Siete Cruces presents Santa Barbara Church, rich in colonial history, albeit violent as in war. Standing peacefully, you'd never know the architecture of this victim succumbed to this same violence.

Located on Garcia Moreno y Manabi, it rings, sadly ignored by those still looking for gold, but not by those looking for history.

Built on land acquired in 1581, on specifications given by Augustinian priests, it shone as one of the five urban parishes of the city. This happened in 1590 after being occupied for three years by Jesuits since their arrival.

The stone cross now standing replicates the first cross erected when the site was claimed along with the other six.

Towards the end of the 19th century, some of the crosses disappeared at the hands of the enemy. Then, by the end of the twentieth century, the tug-of-war brought them back to their original site.

The revolution War of the Estancos launched here, destroying the original temple and its rich architecture.

Resurrection reconstruction in 1892 sadly never replicated the architecture.

Franciscans and Pigeons Take Over

An order of Franciscans of the Poverty of the Blessed Sacrament keep it alive and perpetually require donations.

The centered tabernacle remains, as do some relics of the past in sculptured images and paintings, but enthusiasm waned.

My favorite image of the suffering Christ's kingship mocked, always welcomes donations in exchange for prayers answered.

Since Franciscans love birds and animals, Pigeons find a haven in this courtyard where they can stay well-fed (spoiled), and the ever-running, mesmerizing fountain quenches their thirst.

Calle de las Siete Cruces - Street of 7 Crosses

Garcia Moreno Street shares the name with La Calle de Las Siete Cruces on which Santa Barbara stands firm.

This church opens most mornings for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which provides easy access to viewing it. Just enter silently, as meditation on Him requires silence.

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