Restaurant La Casa de Los Geranios in La Ronda

This hideaway restaurant, La Casa de Los Geranios, on La Ronda Street at Oe1-134, secretly excels in Ecuadorian cuisine. Angel brought me to this, his favorite eating spot on this famous street.  And it didn't disappoint.

No one cares to remember the street's second name of Juan de Dios Morales. Everyone remembers La Ronda. If a local recommends a place, you know it's tops.

You can't tell from the street that it's an elegant eating place with just the right ambiance. Step all the way up to the courtyard and enter to the right. Or, if you want a view of El Panecillo, just ask.  

You'll see a little of rusty roofs, too, but it goes with the "old" feel. I got an eyeball to eyeball view of the architecture while enjoying the delicious meal.

My Choice from the Menu

Their lomo especial (special steak) came topped with ham and cheese and served with menestre (lentils), but substitutions for whatever you like come easily. I substituted with salad.

Angel had sopa de bolas verde (soup with dumplings filled with green platains) which included slices of corn on the cob (choclo), platanos (platains), cheese and onion, and together with two cups of coffee, the total came to just under $20, tip included.

I've also enjoyed their super delicious Corvina (bass) Los Geranios if you choose sea food.  Together with the coffee it came to under $20.

My recommendation for eating the local food at this choice restaurant, La Casa de Los Geranios on La Ronda stays at the top in my book of cooks!

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