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Thank you so much for bearing with me. Last middle of the month brought an emergency to my family, so I could not bring you Mitad del Mundo news. Crisis now over, here goes...

Just a few days ago, the U.S. issued a travel advisory to anyone traveling to Ecuador. Please... I think Ecuador should issue an advisory issue to Ecuadorians visiting the U.S., after the murders of Ecuadorians visiting or living in the U.S. I've read about.

I know I don't feel safe walking after dark in my US city or any city.

Another item of interest I found this morning: According to the Canadian Press, "A wave of Cuban fortune seekers" is rushing to Ecuador, and, of course, Ecuador does not need fortune seekers. It has enough of a problem bringing itself out of poverty. Hopefully they find a solution soon, as many of these are "illegals."

Ecuadorians, themselves, are returning from Spain where their fortune hunting led them a while back. Spain at the time set out the welcome mat to immigrants, but since the recession the welcome and its mat faded.

Ecuador opens its doors wide to its own, offering mentors and programs to help in the readjustment. These migrants didn't leave the cities, but the interior of Ecuador whose basic services are scarce or nonexistent.

On the really bright side (pun intended), solar energy is coming to the Galapagos, a UN World Heritage Site, thanks to Japan and its donation of $10 million... so says Ecuador's Electricity Ministry.

If you follow me on Twitter, I've been stressing the need for solar energy in Ecuador, especially my Quito, of course.

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