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Around Quito

I tried to send you the newsletter a week after the middle of last month, but I ran into technical difficulties.

Now, it's the middle of April!

Having just returned from Quito, the rains are most welcome, the lush green reigns.

The website has the following updates:

1) A new page on Cotopaxi Volcano

2) A new page on the Ecuador train

3) Angel Rea's new company name on all relating pages

4) Church construction updates

Buses just became easier for me to ride. They're less crowded than the trolley. All you have to do is ask the bus driver how to get from point A to point B. I almost left my totebag behind in the bus, and someone kindly reminded me. See, kind people help at any given moment in Quito.

In the trolley, someone usually offers me a seat. But there seem to be more pickpockets in a crowd.

Getting caught in a sudden downpour is common. Always carry an umbrella, or, better yet, a raincoat.

Construction on the tunnels to the south keep traffic bumper to bumper through Quito colonial. The brakes on the buses screeched continuously as they skidded downhill outside my apartment.

Our Lady of Good Success

I'm disappointed that celebration for the 400th anniversary seemed nonexistent. May could prove better, since the statue graces the main altar every May and October. Iglesia de la Concepcion in colonial Quito

Places of Interest

I visited the chapel 100 meters from the top of the tram, and, although nothing was scheduled at the time, the beautiful inside can be appreciated through the glass doors.

The train ride should not be ignored. By the time they finish upgrading it, it will run from up north all the way down to Cuenca. The main route now runs from Quito to Latacunga. We stopped midway at Boliche depot to get up close to Cotopaxi Volcano