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Around Quito

Mitad Del Mes Agosto! Summer is slipping away!

The prez, Rafael Correa can laugh all his way to the bank! The UN Development Program donor countries agreed that the oil reserves in a national park should be left where they lay.

They will pay Quito to prevent more mass destruction to the country that is being fought tooth and nail to pay for damage ravaged by the greed of those who took advantage of the uneducated indigenous.

People are dying and the responsible party continues to wriggle out of paying what they owe. The damage is far greater than that done by BP and cohorts.

Ecuadorian Independence Day Festivities

Ecuadorian Independence Day - El Grito de La Independencia - marked the 201st Anniversary of this nation's independence from Spain.

I missed the celebrations this year, but next year I plan to make up for it. Usually celebrated on the Saturday closest to the 10th of August, scrumptuos food and music are everywhere in Quito Colonial.

Making Amends

The prez, Rafael Correa, came forward to express a mutual desire to mend relations and be neighbor-friends again with Colombia.

Newly-elected president, Juan Manuel Santos, expressed his fervent desire to mend fences as soon as he took his oath of office.

New Airport's New Debut

Quito's new airport released a new scheduled date for the grand opening in November of 2011. The previous financing deal annoyed the critics - and the prez - so a new one was cut and signed.

Ambato and Its Chocolate Shake

Ambato, presently known for its delicious chocolate - Ambateno - located approximately 100 miles south of Quito - shook considerably to the 7.1 quake in the nearby Amazon jungle... well, about 88 miles away, a day or so ago.

Neat place of interest to visit and take pictures with its nearby volcano of the same name.