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Quito Colonial Chatter, Issue #034
March 16, 2015

Quito Colonial Chatter Mitad del Mes newsletter brings you the latest news and additions to Quito-Colonial website.

Under no circumstances will I ever give out your infomation to others without your permission, so...

Around Quito

March middle of the month starts off with an increase in taxi fare. Whatever you paid $1 for will now be $1.50. Taxi issues are being addressed. Taxis that refuse service for whatever reason can be fined. Taxi number together with taxi license pate number and name of company need to be reported. Transit officers can help direct you as to where to proceed with a complaint.

The bus and trolley fare remains at 25 cents regular fare, 12 cents for students and tercer edad and 10 cents for the handicapped.

The mayor does not want to impose hardship on Quitenos. Quality needs work. Subsidies promise financing. 70% of Quito citizens depend on public transportation.

Some drivers reportedly speed up and pass by stops to keep from picking up students and elderly perhaps because they pay less. Organized theft of jewelry, cell phones and purses in trolleys is also being addressed. Transit officers should now become more visible.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

Electric cars should help with the pollution problem. They are planned for the latter part of the year. Ecuador intends to build the first electric car factory in Latin America. Recharging on 220 outlets in stations throughout Ecuador come with the goal.

Tourism in Ecuador

In Cuenca, an immigration office now opened could mean international flights to surrounding countries resume after more than a decade. For now, passengers travelling internationally can clear immigration in Cuenca.

Tour Guide

Angel, of Quinde Adventures runs his van for airport transfer at $20 a head.

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