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Quito Colonial Chatter, Issue #030
January 25, 2013

Quito Colonial Chatter Mitad del Mes newsletter brings you the latest news and additions to Quito-Colonial website.

Under no circumstances will I ever give out your infomation to others without your permission, so...

Around Quito

Double whew! Mitad del Mes (middle of the month) keeps slipping away on me, but from now on, it should come on time because my focus will turn to my website.

I combed each page on my website and updates are everywhere throughout.

Heavy rain came yesterday afternoon to Quito which received a hearty welcome. Not so on the south side. Every time it rains, the heavy rains do their damage there because they're more intense.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

Because of the heavy rains on the coast and the Amazon, dengue fever cases rose. The mosquito loves humidity and high temperatures.

In 2012 16,544 cases were reported. Different methods of fighting the booger, can't eradicate it, but do control it. Treated stagnant water is reducing the amount of mosquitos a few mosquitos at a time.

It seems most people can live through it, if it's the classic type, but a few people die from the grave type. 59.5% of cases occur on the coast and 38.7% in the Amazons.

Since the first of January until now, 476 patients compare to 465 in the same period last year... that's a 2.3% increase.

Peru and Ecuador have signed a pact to work together in this ongoing battle.

Landslides, floods and dengue present a big problem for Ecuador. Landslides predominate in the mining areas.

Kerry, the new Secretary of State to be, wants to mend relations with Ecuador and Bolivia as a launching pad to all of Latin America.

Next month is election month. A plate full of problems await the new or continuing prez.

Tourism in Ecuador

The Novena to Our Lady of Good Success started on the 24th to prepare for the procession of thousands on the second of February come the dawn.

Maybe if we don't look, the new airport will finally open on February 20, 2013 as scheduled. We'll see.

Tour Guide

Angel, of Quinde Adventures informs me January this year, unlike years past, has kept him very busy.

To join his adventures or have him map out your dream ones, contact him now to give him your dates and find out his rates. Receive a reply within 48 hours.


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