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Quito Colonial Chatter, Issue #029
November 21, 2012

Quito Colonial Chatter Mitad del Mes newsletter brings you the latest news and additions to Quito-Colonial website.

Under no circumstances will I ever give out your infomation to others without your permission, so...

Around Quito

Whew! Been busy and Mitad del Mes has come and gone twice, but here's what's going on NOW! Fiesta has begun with the first parade. The queen's parade will be Friday. And on with the celebration until December 6. Then on to the Christmas celebrations.

Forget Thanksgiving holiday in Quito. As far as Quitenos are concerned, every day is a day to thank God. Besides Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, provided two holidays to begin November with. Of course, Memorial Day in May is foreign to Ecuadorians.

And the November 20 procession in honor of La Dolorosa produced a plethora of fireworks.

Rafael Correa has announced he's running for a third term, and it seems he's the popular candidate. I don't know why Luis Gutierrez thinks he stands a chance when he was ousted aready.

The digging up around Quito is to bury the wiring underground.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

Hooray for Argentina. Its bank froze Chevron's assets to get Chevron to finally pay its debt to the Ecuadorian indigenous whose lives it ruined. How long that will take is anyone's guess.

Tourism in Ecuador

Fiesta! Fiesta! Fiesta! Get away from your lumps-of-coal life and celebrate... that's, of course, if Obama's fingers haven't taken your travel money yet.

Don't expect anything in the bull fight arena. Nothing has replaced the bull fights. Matadors have become an unemployment statistic.

Tour Guide

Angel, of Quinde Adventures just received a new addition to his family. Baby Andrew, or in Spanish, Andres. That's two boys and one girl for him.

To join his adventures or have him map out your dream ones, contact him now to give him your dates and find out his rates. Receive a reply within 48 hours.


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