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Quito Colonial Chatter, Issue #026
July 14, 2012

Quito Colonial Chatter Mitad del Mes newsletter brings you the latest news and additions to Quito-Colonial website.

Under no circumstances will I ever give out your infomation to others without your permission, so...

Around Quito

Again, Happy Mitad del Mes! I ordered a chicken fillet meal at La Cueva del Buho, and, wow! was it ever one of the best or maybe even THE best dish I've eaten in Quito. So, the prices go with the upgrade!

I went looking for Quito Libre Cafeteria and was informed that it and the Espejo Shopping Center are no more. I really miss the place, but to drown my sorrow, I ate pizza at S.A. Pizza, as you turn down Espejo from Guayaquil... and then at the restaurant right next to it, La Guaragua. I wasn't disappointed.

The pizza at S.A. Pizza beats any other pizza I've eaten, and the Ecuadorian dishes at La Guaragua really pleased my tongue and tummy.

When you go up or down Flores Street to eat at Cafe Dios No Muere, hide your cameras and cellulars. In broad daylight, theives have snatched them from tourists.

The door to this superb eating place now opens to Junin, the pedestrian street. Mathieu, the owner, will be setting up outdoor tables and chairs soon.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

The Wikileaks founder hunkers down in the Ecuadorian embassy in London waiting for Ecuador's prez to decide to give or not to give him asylum in Ecuador... stay tuned. Whistle blowers get into BIG trouble.

Galo Guarderas, electrical engineering professor from Ecuador, plans to fly off to study in Spain for 5 years to take care of mounting electrical needs in Ecuador. How? By becoming an expert in the study of photovoltaics to come back and apply his solar energy knowledge to his home country. Yay!

Tourism in Ecuador

Ecuador's new airport opening ceremonies prepare for takeoff on October 12, 2012! Prepare for paying taxi fare into Quito. I believe they'll have vans with discounts.

The present airport space waits anxiously for the erection of a great park with an aquarium and an arena even, a school - Colegio Benalcazar - plus another bus terminal for better connections... streets will be converted to bouldvards, and much more... all with ecological green in mind with native vegetation.

Quito Baila celebration dances through July on Saturdays throughout Quito.

Tour Guide

Angel, of Quinde Adventures leads an adventurous life guiding tours.

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