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Quito Colonial Chatter, Issue #025
June 14, 2012

Quito Colonial Chatter Mitad del Mes newsletter brings you the latest news and additions to Quito-Colonial website.

Under no circumstances will I ever give out your infomation to others without your permission, so...

Around Quito

Happy Mitad del Mes! I checked out El Buho and gasped at the prices on their menu. Looks like the upgrade to La Cueva del Buho (new name) inflated the prices. The bathrooms in the building have been upgraded, too - at least those remain free.

Throughout May, the image of Our Lady of Good Success is carried to the altar to be venerated by the people. Then, on June first, she returns to her throne in the convent. This June first we were given a piece of cotton touched to her face for attending her farewell rosary.

The big surprise came with the addition of the Latin Tridentine Mass after the rosary. The church stood jam-packed with confused novus ordo Catholics. Less than half left confused. The rest stayed and heard the short sermon on Babylonians who had been scattered with different languages, alluding to the Novus Ordo "Mass" that is celebrated in the vernacular. He explained his offering of sacrifice with his back to the people. Anyway, awesome doesn't begin to explain it.

Last Sunday, the Novus Ordo celebrated the great feast of Corpus Christi, and the procession following the Mass from the Cathedral to Iglesia de San Francisco, proved the people's love for Christ. The true feast of Corpus Christi happened on the Thursday before.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

Ecuador's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Patino, declared in a press release that Ecuador will buy $400 million of fuel to cover a shortage in the country... from Iran!

Stockholders are now demanding Chevron settle the $18 billion environmental lawsuit. Hmmm, will that shame them into paying what they owe? We'll see.

Tourism in Ecuador

Ecuador "is poised to be one of the hottest destinations in South America for adventure seekers" according to PR Web via Yahoo News.

I caught up with the horse and buggy - at last! Same pick-up spot. $12 per person now for one or two people, or $5 a person for 3 or more with children under 9 going for $2.50. All for a 15-20 minute ride! And then, only on Wednesday through Sunday 5PM to 10PM.

For any flower lover staying long enough in Quito, the Feria de Las Flores should excite you. When? Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings beginning at 7 AM until noon or so.

These flowers float in from all around Quito. Sort of a gathering of flower vendors on the street corner of Venezuela y Buenos Aires.

Prices start at $1 a dozen roses all the way up to $6 a bouquet of gorgeous glads, Easter lillies and so many more. I bought two dozen carnations for $1.25!

Tour Guide

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