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Around Quito

Wow! May 15 already. April 15 I had no computer access, so no newsletter.

I've painstakingly updated all my pages... given a separate page to cafe "Dios No Muere"... added a whole page about my new rental, "My Place." That apartment/suite steadily rented for over $800 a month before, but I have a special that I may or may not leave indefinitely for $600... at $200 a week, that means you get the last week free with a full month's rent - cash in advance. To find more info, just click the "My Place" button on the Nav Bar.

Quito colonial center spilled over with at least 1000 indigenous protesters on Thursday, March 21. Those that descended from the Amazon after marching for two weeks closing roads were joined by sympathizers, and together they loudly protested large-scale mining on their lands. Add to that the group the prez got together to protest the protesters!

Angry protesters throwing sticks and stones injured several police officers... all to bring attention to entire communities that will be displaced.

The 100th Anniversary celebration of La Dolorosa rocked Quito for a whole weekend of fireworks - and a huge procession on the Sunday after her usual procession.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

Floods and mudslides from extremely heavy rains affected at least 84,000 people who had to flee for borrowed shelter. The rainy season or "winter" caused at least 30 deaths this year, striking anyone in disaster's path.

Now, in May, the rains are finally subsiding... not gone yet but subsiding.

Meanwhile, all Chevron continues to seem to care about is avoiding responsibility.

Tourism in Ecuador

The horse and buggy colonial quito tours are alive and well. More info to follow.

For info on the tour buses, see the tour page on my site.

The miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success remains on the main altar during the month of May, and returns to the convent on the first of June. Special petitions, anyone?

Tour Guide

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