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Around Quito

I've updated most of my site's main pages and some not-so-main. Check out the new restaurant on top of the list, "Dios No Muere." It's run by an expat, and he features an international menu. Don't let the tiny 3-table first floor fool you - it's a tri-level! Where? Right behind Santa Catalina in the back corner of the convent with the entrance on Flores. Remark heard by a customer, "Everything here is delicious."

I scratched El Criolo Restaurant off my list for the extremely saggy service I got last time... and the poor food quality.

The February 20 La Dolorosa procession of the dawn had to truly have pleased Our Lady.

I noticed apartments for sale being snatched up faster than a sign can hold up. Locals comment that many more foreigners are moving in. I even bought a suite not too far from my apartment.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

The couple of journalists that got in big trouble for "libel against the president" and were ordered to pay $42 million, received a pardon last month... in response to global pressure.

Chevron's wriggling out of paying-just-dues game continues. Meanwhile, the now savvy indigenous kicked off a march on Thursday, March 8 in Pangui in southeastern Ecuador to end in Quito on March 22... a gruesomely long hike... to protest Prez Correa's land and water policy. The Prez had his supporters do a demonstration on March 8 that made the historic center impassable by vehicle. Helicopters policed overhead. Correa claims they're just trying to destabllze the government before election day.

The indigenous supported Correa at the beginning, but no more. "Water, life and dignity of the people will not be sacrificed ... not for large-scale mining that damages natural resources."

China and Ecuador signed an agreement for industrial mining of copper in the Amazons.

Tourism in Ecuador

Not only Quito Tours buses, but also walking shutterbugs stroll Quito Colonial much more frequently now. Angel never rests any more!

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