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Around Quito

I know, I know, January's Mitad del Mes didn't happen and February's is two days late, but I did attend this year's Our Lady of Good Success annual celebration on February 2 along with thousands of others. I also received a miracle on that day. Can't go into the details, but it was a biggie!

Together with the Divino Nino, Our Lady is always handing out miracles for those who not only believe, but put their belief into action.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

A couple of journalists got in big trouble for "libel against the president" and were ordered to pay $42 million, but the two sought refuge - one in Panama and one in the U.S.

President Rafael is already talking "pardon."

Tourism in Ecuador

Quito Tour buses now periodically go down Garcia Moreno or La Calle de Las Siete Cruces. The seats on the roof make it perfect for nice shots of the historic center and El Panecillo. They tour around the historic center.

Mitad del Mundo - the artificial one is getting worse, while Inti-Nan the true one is getting bigger and better. Updates will soon be posted on my site.

Tour Guide

Angel, of Quinde Adventures leads an adventurous life guiding tours.

To join his adventures or have him map out your dream ones, contact him now to give him your dates and find out his rates.