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Around Quito

Fiestas presented concerts in the Plaza del Toro arena... no bull. Angel and his brother bought tickets for his parents who had never been there before. Sweet.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

Chevron already facing allegations of fraud stands to lose all credibility with all of Latin American oil producing nations... since the recent spill off Brazil's coast. As usual, Chevron provided misleading statements. Satellite pictures obtained by NASA show the spill "10 times bigger" than reported... Source: Amazon Defense Coalition.

AND a new document reveals that a key Chevron official ordered personnel to destroy records as part of a scheme to hide evidence according to PR Newswire. Shame.

Tourism in Ecuador

Tungurahua Volcano in Banos spits fire often, and on Sunday, November 27, the coarse ash and red hot rocks and boulders spectacularly shot out up to a mile from the crater while 4 earthquakes vibrated the area.

Tungurahua sat out the dance until 1999 when it came shimmying back to life with activity that claimed respect.

By the way, it's 84 or so miles south of Quito.

Tour Guide

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