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Around Quito

Don't expect bullfights this year for the upcoming fiesta. The voters turned them down earlier this year. Parades, music, dancing in the streets and food should fill your hearts with enough delight, they decided.

The new international airport now promises to open sometime in 2012. $350M for upgrades in all the Ecuadorian airports from the government should go a long way... most of it pouring into the new one.

Where's the money coming from? China. Of $2B total, $1.3B has already come in. The loan deal was signed in June at Beijing.

Also, Ecuador has reduced urban poverty to 12.5% of the EAP - Economically Active Population - a central bank has reported.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

A small earthquake in the Quito urban area in the scale of 4.3 did very minor damage, as it was shallow. As Angel says, "Not to worry."

Tourism in Ecuador

Chimbacalle train station took first place in a contest to name the Seven Wonders of Quito. From April to July 2011 141,000 Ecuadorians voted, choosing 7 favorites from a list of 36.

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