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Around Quito

In case you missed it, roses come for $2 a dozen now -- up from 8 for $1. Not enough of a difference for me to still fill up my apartment with the sweet scent.

Ecuador Problems - Solutions

It looks like maybe FINALLY Ecuador may get its due from Chevron for the enormous damage left by Texaco before Chevron purchased it. On Monday, September 19, 2011 a federal appeals court judge in New York VACATED the order that barred an $18 billion judgment against Chevron - but who knows when it will be executed.

In the meantime the indigenous continue to suffer as Chevron looks the other way.

Correa insists that groups of "very corrupt Ecuadorian police have been financed by the U.S. Embassy" according to several reports both from inside Ecuador and out... current relations with the U.S. notwithstanding.

Tourism in Ecuador


After you see the birds northeast and northwest of Quito, indulge in the south side of Ecuador. Just get Angel Rea to take you.

Tour Guide

Angel, of Quinde Adventures leads an adventurous life guiding tours.

To join his adventures or have him map out your dream ones, contact him now to give him your dates and find out his rates.