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Around Quito

Illegal gambling halls were shut down. Legal casinos and all gambling have been voted down and will close in stages... as per the people's vote on the referendum of May 7.

Wow, they got to vote on it. In the US, I can't recall we were asked to vote on it. The casinos and the casino mentality have taken over. And if we object, we're overcome.

More Ecuador Problems - Solutions

After 21 people died from tainted bootleg liquor that came from a festival at a seaside community -- a state of emergency was declared throughout Ecuador, and the federales raided homes seizing all homemade liquor.


"Ecuador seems to be emerging as leader in the battle to conquer domestic violence in Latin America...

"Ecuador has led the quest to end domestic violence as a leading country in the region to pass effective legislation, as well as establish public awareness programs and female-run police stations... becoming a role model for other Latin American countries."

The same news source that printed this puts down "adoration of Mary in the Catholic Church" - sheer nonsense. Mary is venerated and honored as Mother of Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity (God)... NOT adored. Only God is adored. Anyone that "adores" Mary does so on his/her own. The Church does not allow it.

St Joseph never abused Mary and true Catholic priests do not condone nor encourage the submissiveness that promotes abuse. I wish those reporters would get their facts straight so as not to mislead the public. But then, maybe that's their agenda.

Bad priests do not represent the Church. They only represent their own opinions. It is through them and their cooperation that lies proliferate and global corruption spreads.

True good priests and their faithful laity suffer for the bad. The Church that Jesus left will never be prevailed against. Martyrs have proved this and will continue to prove it.

Tourism in Ecuador

Ecuador will become the primary tourist rail power in America according to Spanish Railway News.

Four new train cars for tourists are scheduled to arrive at the end of the year to run from Quito all the way to Guayaquil.

The spectacular Nariz del Diablo (Devil's Nose) section may scare a few. It's the cliffhanging part of the ride... "one of the most difficult railway routes in the world." But the view makes it worth it.

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