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Around Quito

June... the rain has subsided and the people welcome the more pleasant weather.

Casinos will close in Ecuador in adherence to the new regulation passed by voters recently. Employees of casinos worry about finding the next job to meet their financial obligations.

I'm sure Ecuadorians will think of something better to do with the bull-fighting arena... hopefully by the time fiesta rolls around.

Tourism in Ecuador

An extinct volcano, Pambamarca, in northern Quito until recently hid fortresses built alongside it about 500 years ago. Also dug out is evidence of a war gone by just before the Spaniards arrived. The warring parties? The Inca and Cayambe natives.

These fortresses are built of stone with platforms on ridges 10,000 feet high.

Other unearthings - two types of ammo - sling stones and bola stones.

Panama Hats

Panama hats are not named after the country they're made in. Builders of the Panama Canal were the first major customers to don them, so they got dubbed as Panama hats. Ecuadorians, being a humble, gentle people allowed their best customers to claim the name.

Where are they made? In Ecuador. Cuenca is a great source. Ecuadorians weave them and have used them as part of their uniform for a very long time.

Today there are many styles to choose from. They can be purchased at the mercado in Ejido Park where I get mine, or directly from the weavers in Cuenca for a plunge in price... although the $12 I paid at Ejido ain't bad. I'm sure they're available all over Ecuador.

I even picked one up outside the bullfighting arena at fiesta time a few years back.

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