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Around Quito

Opening of the new airport remains up in the air. The date jumped from this November to April 2012 last I heard.

But that won't happen either. Construction screeched to a halt. Cost climbed to over $600M... Ownership tug-of-war ensued and return-of-investment problems mounted... including those of collection of airport tariffs.

Then... construction resumed bringing back work for contractors, subcontractors and skilled workers. Funds for access roads have been promised... all this according to Latin American Advisor - Inter-American Dialogue, 3/20/11 LBC Chronicle.

When does it really open? That's anybody's guess.

On another note, communicating by cellular phones using Ecuador service now requires registration to curtail theft and other problems.

Tourism in Ecuador

Good Friday with its awesome processions in Quito and throughout Ecuador happens next week! I usually don't miss these, but I chose the OLGS one this special year. I can't say I won't miss being there.

The cloud forest, Maquipucuna, produces a species of yeast which has newly been discovered... a yeast that could revolutionize the production of bio-energy!


Myley Cyrus, alias Hanna Montana, launches her world tour April 29 with her grand entrance in Quito at Atahualpa Sports Stadium... Then it's off to Lima, Peru on May 1... and on to the rest of her orbit.

Sur America

UNASUR, Union of South American Nations, formed an alliance of nations with a treaty signed May 23, 2008 in Brazil... entering into force at Mitad del Mundo on March 11, 2011, where it will eventually be headquartered. Temporarily, it's in Argentina. 12 members representing the different nations make up the group.

What does this mean? That all South Americans, patterned after Europe, will work towards strengthening democracy to see what can be done to eliminate socioeconomic inequality. Joining military forces. Creating one banking system headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela. One common currency. One common passport and a lot more.

Tour Guide

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