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Changes in my Website

A restaurant has been added to my restaurant page.

Around Quito

Frightening beachfronts - the ultimate irony. The tsunami in Japan jarred President Correa into proposing to the South America Union of Nations (UNASUR)- as they met recently in Quito - to appoint a Secretary of Risk Management for all of South America. That way someone takes responsibility for preparedness in emergencies of catastrophic proportions.

Beachfronts are supposed to be where you kick back to relax and soak in the Vitamin D. So much hype and no disclaimers... New Zealand and Japan recent disasters notwithstanding... earthquakes can shake you up bad enough without the tsunamis. Will disasters now become the norm?

I think I'll pass on beaches and river fronts. To buy, I will look high... Although, I suppose lakeside would be nice without mosquitos.

Seriously, if you're thinking beachfront property, check the geology of the region if you want to find your place when you want to use it.

Ecuador offers the luxury of choosing from beaches, to rainforests, to jungles, to valleys, to the mountains... and to the equalized equator. The indigenous claim the climate is perfectly balanced at the equator.

Quito enjoys being cradled by the Andes, and it's high enough to resist dangerous mosquitos... dengue fever is reported to be on the rise in Mexico, Central and South America - very high in parts of Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic with high alert in Argentina. Ecuador is on the low end, with Uruguay and Chile as no risk.

Tourism in Ecuador

Tourism is keeping Angel very busy.

Lent brings Good Friday with its awesome processions in Quito and throughout Ecuador. I usually don't miss these, but I chose the OLGS one this special year. I can't say I won't miss being there.


Will bullfighting come to a screeching halt? It's up to the people's vote. It's a major attraction for the big Fiesta.

Culture has everything to do with whether you consider them entertainment or animal cruelty. They don't bother me. I just see them as an artistic form of preparing the bull for steak meat.

Quito presents lots of sports for those who like sports, theater for those who enjoy theatrics, and, of course the night life for the bold who venture out at night. The Mariscal offers plenty with plenty of risk... but for some, that thrill pulls them like a magnet.

Speaking of sports, a shooting took place recently at the Quicentro Mall parking lot - a first - across from Atahualpa stadium. A sports fanatic, or someone hired by one, shot at a sports star, wounding him in the arm. Threats seem to be accelerating into action.

Tour Guide

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