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Changes in my Website

My Local Locomotion page now has more information on traveling by city bus, and I'll be adding more soon.

Also, keep an eye out for more dining info.

Around Quito

2011 came in with fireworks and bonfires all the way down streets as Ecuadorians burned their efigies of old man 2010 in different forms.

A procession of school bands led and followed three different "holy families" as they marched down Calle Garcia Moreno in the early evening of the Feast of the Three Kings, January 6.

Angel tells me Villa Nancy is closed and selling. I'm still reeling from the info.

I don't know if you know, there are two Villa Nancy's. At one time the husband-wife team did so well, they expanded. My favorite one is the one pictured. The other one is cheaper... I'll leave it at that.

Then the Swiss-wife-Ecuadorian-husband split up and sold the first (cheaper) one. She continued to run the favorite, but now has decided to return to her homeland. So, it's in the process of selling.

On another note, politics is on a wait-and-see mode.

Tourism in Ecuador

Mitad del Mundo now has a plastic dome cover over the dance floor... so they can continue to dance - rain or shine.

The little post office where you can send post cards from the equator is located behind the dancing area.

Best place I find to eat there will soon be listed on my restaurant web page. I ate the best vegetarian dish that doesn't compare to any I've eaten before... cost $6.00.

You can find a planetarium there if you're into astronomy, and even if you're not.

400th Year - Our Lady of Good Success

I'm looking forward to February 2... the culmination of the 400th year of OLGS. The report will be in the February Mitad del Mes issue.

The Christ Child (Divino Nino de Pichincha) is honored every second Sunday. This devotion came from an apparition of the same seer, Mariana de Jesus Torres.

Tour Guide

Angel, of Quinde Adventures will be most happy to take you anywhere all the way from Quito. Still, he finds time to pick up his "guests" at the airport (including me) or he sends one of his two partners.

He's really getting filled up. It's getting harder to get his personal attention.

Contact him now to give him your dates and find out his rates.