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Around Quito

December awready! Seems the prez, Rafael Correa says no way to inviting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to reside in Ecuador. So the alleged opinion of an official in Quito by an overzealous reporter carries no weight.

Meanwhile, Rafael's older brother, Fabricio apparently wants to run against his hermanito in the 2012 election to get rid of the "corruption and crime" taking place in this administration. Crime throughout Ecuador is on the rise.

Also, many who voted Rafael in with Fabricio's help claim to be unhappy with the direction Rafael is taking Ecuador to.

Tourism in Ecuador

Cotopaxi Volcano majestically calls the physically fit to a truly arduous climb. Just getting to the 4,300 metros high parking lot gave our van driver a run for the money... as you can see in my web page on this volcano. This parking lot exceeds the height of some of the tallest peaks in Colorado even.

You can then climb up its damp sandy side - as long as its activity remains in check - about 400 meters higher to the "coffee shop" and overnight there to keep climbing to the top... not recommended except for the experienced.

As my site reveals, I made it to the Jose Rilas Mountain Hut (coffee shop) with help, panting all the way. Hey, I got an applause from the young-uns for making it higher than most. Soup and tea are on the menu, plus a few other necessities and not.

My favorite way to get there is on the train - to enjoy the ride - then get on the shared van at the depot... much cheaper than a tour, and no entrance fee to the park.

An eruption here would mean more damage from floods than from lava. They say floods could go all the way to the suburbs of Quito from the melted snow and ice.

If you fly from Quito to Cuenca, you can see its indented glacier peak towering above the clouds at 5,900 metros.

Tungurahua Volcano next to Banos, much further south of Quito, erupts sporadically and spontaneously. Just as recently as last month villages nearby were evacuated in utter respect.

400th Year - Our Lady of Good Success

This celebration is very strictly religious with a novena beginning nine days before Candlemas Day, February 2. Those who love her can check out her site with a link from my page on the church of the Conceptionists.

Tour Guide

Angel, of Quinde Adventures will be most happy to take you anywhere all the way from Quito. Still, he finds time to pick up his "guests" at the airport.

Contact him now to give him your dates and find out his rates.