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Page Updates

Getting Around page has been updated... Many more updates will come in January, as I'll be in Quito shortly if God permits.

Around Quito

I know one thing is going on in colonial Quito at this time, and that's Quito Fest... Ichimbia Park. More to come.

In case you've wondered about Ecuador's flag colors:

Yellow represents sunshine, grain and mineral wealth.

Blue reflects the sky, sea and rivers.

Red symbolizes the blood of patriots spilled in their battles for freedom.

Tourism in Ecuador

From AFP comes the report of a French couple plucked from the Ecuadorian Volcano El Altar after the woman fell inside the crater a few meters down.

She had a GPS device alarm that went off when she fell down the slope. The signal was picked up by the French Foreign ministry and a police helicopter in the area on a rescue training mission was dispatched.

We should all carry a GPS device when we set out on any adventure. I carry a sports alarm.

Headed for Quito Soon

I look forward to my next trip to Quito which I'm planning in the near future. I will get all the scoop from the locals and report back to you in January's issue.

I'm planning to relocate to Quito sometime next year... after I take care of all the hurdles. THEN my newsletters should become considerably longer and juicier!

Angel, of Quinde Adventures continues his exceptional tours. Mindo (rainforest) has become his favorite. Who knows? Maybe he'll change his specialty... still, he finds time to pick up his "guests" at the airport.