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Quito's Neighbor, Chile

Mitad Del Mes Otubre!

October erupted in explosive headlines...

Chile, Ecuador's neighbor, just made history rescuing miners that had been trapped and lived for the longest time ever. The miracle is that not a one out of 33 was injured much less killed by the cave-in!

Around Quito

In Quito, capital of Ecuador, the National Police were reported to have paralyzed the country - closing airports and roads.

To native Ecuadorians and expats, it was barely felt. At the end of the day, they tell us that walking around to shop or eat out was the same as always.

According to the prez, he was kidnapped and a mutiny took place. He reportedly yanked at his tie and dared the National Police to kill him if they wanted to.

According to Venezuela's President Chavez, the U.S. was behind the whole thing.

According to the National Police, this was a strike because they stood to lose bonuses in Correa's restructuring of the budget. They claimed it was unfair because they were putting in 14-hour days.

The military closed the airport and main roads according to precautionary procedures in any state of uncertainty of this type... declaring it an emergency.

According to staff in the hospital, the president claimed to be "kidnapped" in, he was never kidnapped but brought in to be checked out after the scuffle that took place in the police barracks.

Some believe he brought on - and could have caused - the drama and milked it, thus endangering the lives of some of the patients, especially with the spraying of tear gas by the military.

Some also believe he's playing the victim to sway votes and support.

Some expats claim Correa's confrontational style is hyped by the media to make matters seem a lot worse than they are. They believe all is well.

Others are carrying on demonstrations on his behalf in full support of the president.

To be continued...

Tourism in Ecuador

I look forward to my next trip to Quito which I'm planning in the near future. I will get the scoop from the locals and report back to you in January's issue.

Angel, of Quinde Adventures will fill me in as to the tourism end of it. His Mindo tours are exceptional.

In the meantime, for me, it's more dangerous in the U.S. than in Quito.