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Around Quito

Continuing the year, middle of the world, middle of the month... time rolls.

Hurray! Quito and Guayaquil no longer face a water shortage. Rain has curtailed the drought, and water availability resumed the normal. Solar power would definitely resolve the problem.

Guayaquil protested against the prez. Seems Rafael may not be paying attention to the will of the people as in democracy. And, he seems to be running the country into debt.

When in Quito, if I need bananas for breakfast, they are easily attainable for a nickel or a little more apiece. When these mini stores are closed, they are shuttered down like a mini garage.

Sundays most stores close. That's the day to take a leisurely walk starting from the basilica on to Calle de Las Siete Cruces or Garcia Moreno, stopping at church to church. Then discover the rest of them.

Just don't trip and fall on the sidewalks which sometimes present a gaping hole right in front of you. You can't sue. You are expected to watch where you're going.

Once I fell and dislocated a bone, though inside a building...and the doctor I ended up going to, recommended by a local, left me good to jog and painless in no time. Turns out he works inside a sports stadium, specializing in all kinds of injuries... American educated with honors even.

Our Lady of Good Success

Our Lady of Good Success reigns right next to the presidential palace day and night. This anniversary year promises special surprises... stay tuned and do visit the site of Iglesia de la Concepcion in colonial Quito

Places of Interest

A hermitage in honor of La Dolorosa... where? Approximately 100 metros from disembarking from Quito's teleferico. Prayers ascend from there to the heavens asking the Queen to shower her blessings on Quito.

Up north in Otavalo shopping remains the greatest - trading every Saturday without fail for over 4,000 years... now going from 5AM to 6PM.

Mitad del Mes

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