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First Edition of Quito's #1 NewsletterWhat's Happening in Quito Now?

Quito Colonial's best tour guide, Angel Rea, bid and was chosen, of course, as escort for this year's selection of girls running for Queen. Their busy schedule became his busy schedule. On with the colonial!

How Do They Choose the Queen of the Fiestas in Quito?

The colonial Fiestas de Quito - between now and November 26 - will introduce the emerging queen who will reign throughout the festivities and on until next year's selection.

230 candidates competed...14 came out winners...now - on to the finals! All started preparing since October 16.

November 27 the merriment begins with parades led by the queen on to bullfights, that have since disappeared...social activities...music...dancing in the street...the chivas...the food festival with yummy typical and atypical traditional dishes - all culminating on Founders Day, December 6.

Judges choose the queen by how well she presents the founding that took place on December 6, 1535. Perhaps she should be chosen on her suggested solutions to poverty in the streets.

Who Prepares Them?

The foundation, Patronato San Jose - directed by the mayor's wife - takes charge.

The queen must find a sponsor - a business entity - together with the mayor's wife.

The sponsorship becomes a partnership fundraising event focusing on poverty beginning with the orphanages which are run by nuns. Together they must come up with projects for the foundation to be continued throughout her reign.

Equally involved, the mayor takes charge of directing the city in social benefits together with Patronato San Jose for the benefit of the children in the streets, the elderly, the beggars and all the needy.

And so...the fiestas are much more than merriment. They bring out the heart of this vibrant city. If only one year, a more permanent solution to the poverty would reign.

Education is not all it's cut out to be - anywhere. It helps, but doesn't solve. Fills cracks, but doesn't cement. We need it, but we need more. We need creativity and an end to useless repetition. Are history's failures really being taught with challenges to solutions?

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