Iglesia Santo Domingo de     Guzman - Pillar of Courage

In the colonial era, Iglesia Santo Domingo de Guzman met with delays in building both church and convent because of vociferous opposition.

Protestors clamored against the Dominicans for daring to initiate teaching themselves the language of the natives, Quichua. In that age of discrimination, where people classed themselves and everyone else, who would stoop to learn the language of a lower class?

Iglesia Santo Domingo  Comes Forth

Undaunted, the Dominicans drew up the plans in 1585.

Founding their seminary in 1594. they courageously embraced both natives and Spanish immigrants. Schools followed.

Pedro Bedon y Pineda, happily accepted the Dominican habit at the ripe age of 12. He wrapped up his studies in Lima, Peru. There his ordination to the priesthood catapulted him to begin drawing many to the Faith through the Confraternity of the Rosary which he initiated.

Father Bedon returned from Lima in 1586 propelled by a profound love for Mary, the mother of Christ, always promoting the rosary.

A saintly priest, he retreated to Bogota to teach there during turbulence in Quito. He elevated devotion to Mary wherever he went, deeply influencing the art of the time.

St. Vincent Ferrer

Many miraculous healings cascaded on the people in answer to the outpouring of prayers through the statue of St. Vincent Ferrer.

This Dominican saint came across as an angel, which many took him for because of his heroic sacrifices and deep love for souls. He earned the name of Angel of the Judgment. Thousands upon thousands converted to the Faith after listening to his profound sermons.

Changes with Remodeling

The main altar of this temple replaced the original antique -- how sad. Its beauty just doesn't have the draw of the antique. In the chapel to the right stands a replacement also.  

To the left of the entrance to the church, upon entering the Museo, the museum guided tour displays more art and statues of the era than those in the church...also, the appealing courtyard. Iglesia Santo Domingo de Guzman demonstrates more of the colonial church era to appreciate and enjoy.


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