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Contact me at any time if I can clarify any of my information for you or for any reason. Since this site is constantly being updated, please visit frequently.

Information on this site is strictly experience of the webmaster and is not to be construed as advice to anyone else. For safety and security measures, register with your country's embassy and seek out their alerts and expertise. THE US EMBASSY HAS PUT TOURISM ON HIGH ALERT TO CRIME AND VIOLENCE THROUGHOUT ECUADOR, ESPECIALLY IN MANTA, OTAVALO, CUENCA AS WELL AS GUAYAQUIL, WHICH WAS ALREADY HIGH AND ALSO QUITO. THIS IS AS OF JUNE 14, 2010.

Your email address is safe with me for as little or as long as you wish. I do not share it. I do assume it is correct, so please double-check it. Privacy is my policy.


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