24 de Mayo Plaza and the Tunnel to La Ronda

Notorious describes the past of 24 de Mayo Plaza. Crime proliferated for a long time in and around this square. I still get warnings from the locals. Yet, others want me to believe all crime disappeared and I don't have to worry...so, I don't stay away. I just practice caution, and I look around for visible patrols.

Past Arco de La Reina and Museo de La Ciudad - just before ascending to El Panecillo - it spreads to either side at the end of Garcia Moreno street.


Spontaneously, Quitenos celebrate and parade through the streets culminating here. Most Sundays something's happening. This time a parade for animal rights provided the perfect excuse, and I enjoyed watching the stilt dance.

Another time music lent itself to being celebrated, and I followed my ears to the pleasant sound. A group gathered to listen, and I tapped my foot along with them.

So Much to Discover

That's when I discovered the chapel of El Robo that I talk about on the Iglesia de Santa Clara page. The gate to the little fence locked me out. A local friend suggested I call first, so it remains on my to-do list.

A few short blocks from Plaza Grande, 24 de Mayo square presents sports practically every day and leads to or exits from La Ronda through the tunnel, the passage at the square, that is. The one from the opposite side comes from a bus terminal.


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